Tips For Sharpening Your Skates At Home

Whether you participate in winter sport or just enjoy skating when the winters arrive, dull pair of ice skates will not only slow you down but will also kill all the fun. So instead of struggling with your worn out skating blades it is time that you learn how to sharpen your skates at home. Following are some few easy and simple steps that you can use to make your ice skates shine like they are good as new.

Things You Need

Before you get started with the business of sharpening your ice skates you need to get a few things ready. You will need, an old towel or a piece of cloth, whetstone, a vise and honing oil.

The blades should be sharpened only by an adult as there is a possibility of getting hurt during the process.

Prepare Your Skates

Before you start sharpening the blade, use the old towel to cover the boot of the blade in order to protect it from getting damaged during the process. Secure the vice in place and place the skate's boot on it. The skate should be stable in vice but not so tight that it does not move at all.


Apply oil on whetstone and firmly but carefully strike the blade of the skate against the whetstone. Continue this process until the blade is sharpened. Note that one side of the blade is sharpened at a time, once done repeat the process on the other side.

Remove The Burrs

Once the blades are sharp enough the next thing to ensure is that there are no sharp edges left on the edges. Take an old cloth and brush off all the loose debris from the blade. Then press the blade gently against the whetstone to make sure that the blade gets a clean finish.