Assist In Hockey

An assist is not just intended for ball games only; it is also used in other games such as hockey. Hockey assists are easier to manage as they seem to have less complicated rules than that of ball games. The point is given to individual players who contributed to a goal being scored. However it is just limited to a maximum of two players, who were able to deflect, shot or passed the puck before the goal scorer puts the puck in the net. It will be considered as "unassisted goal" when a team loses possession of the puck to a player who proceeds to score a goal.

In some cases, a point will still be awarded to a team player who scores off a rebound given by a goaltender. At this point, it means that the goaltender completely loses his control over the puck. There is no exception to the rules and it should be implemented to every game.

Hockey assists are among the most crucial and one of the most anticipated parts of the game. It makes the game more interesting as it adds more thrill to the action. Players who possesses the ability to do the action and able to gain points for the team are called hockey assists leaders. The greatest hockey player of all time is also the one who made great number of assists in the history of hockey. His name is Wayne Douglas Gretzy. He played 20 seasons for four teams in the National Hockey League (NHL) from 1979 to 1999. The only active player who made it to the list of single season assists leaders is Joe Thornton, he made 24 points in 23 games for just a year.