Hockey Skates Care And Maintenance

Not only are skates a big investment but they also play an important role in skating especially if you are a professional ice hockey player. They are so expensive that it is worth taking cake of hockey skates and blades. Following are some of the ways in which you can ensure that your hockey blades and skates are in great shape this winter:


In order to start skating and easy breaking, the hockey blades needs to be sharp. The sharpening should be performed by an adult or an expert. Blades can be sharpened in order to adjust the radius of the blades. You can check the radius of the blade by putting the two hockey skates side by side and holding then in light to measure the extent of the blade contact. The speed of your skates will depend on the duration of the contact it has on the ice. In case you are a forward and you need to cut and turn quickly you might only need two inches of the blade contacting the ice.


Check for any broken or loose stitches and get them fixed as soon as possible. After each practice session or a game the hockey blades should be wiped clean. In order to prevent rusting make sure that the hockey skates are totally dry before you put them back in guard; also make sure that the insides of the guard is also dry.

Make sure that you wear your hockey skates just when you are about to go on ice because wearing them on the ground for long can ruin their edges and then the blades will need to be sharpened again in order to achieve best performance.

Bet On Hockey Stats

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