Hockey Shutouts

Be it in hockey or in any sport, shutout is one defensive action that should be given appropriate attention by all competing teams. In the game of hockey, it is when a goaltender is able to prevent the other team from scoring. At some point, if the two goaltenders initiate a combination for a hockey shutout, the credit will go to the team and not on the players. When a regular season ended with both team having 0 scores during overtime, both goaltenders will received a credit regardless of the score they may get during the game.

Martin Brodeur holds the record for most regular-season career in National Hockey League (NHL) shutouts. He is known as one of the greatest goaltenders in the history of hockey. Meanwhile the Columbus Blue Jackets is being hailed as the team being shutout in a season at sixteen during the NHL game in 2006-2007. Other outstanding NHL goaltenders include Terry Sawchuk who has 103 points, George Hainsworth with 94 points, Glenn Hall has 84 points and Jacques Plante who got 82 points. The only active player among those who have been mentioned is Martin Brodeur. The player who is next in line and currently holding a score of 66 points and that is Roberto Luongo.

Being a good goaltender in Hockey requires physical and mental skills in order to achieve success. They may experience a lot of pressure during the game and it takes a quick mind and a bit of fearlessness to stay in the game. Mastering the goal tending skills is the first thing to follow. Practice always makes sense and for a goalie, it is definitely necessary.