2015 NHL Finals Preview - Chicago Or Tampa Bay, Who's It To Be?

In holding up the 2015 NHL Finals to scrutiny for this preview, it can be seen that this showcase will be a matchup for what the NHL is fast becoming. That is a skilled game played at a fast tempo where puck possessions as well as good game transition are the desired keys that unlock the door.

The fact that this year's 2015 NHL Finals will be between The Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning, is certainly no fluke and both teams should bring the necessary ingredients to the table that should ensure an electrifying lengthy series.

As an historical point of note, this will be the third time for the Blackhawks playing a Final under the 2005-06 salary cap era to the present. This in itself represents a milestone, as no other team has completed this remarkable achievement in the NHL.

Looking back over the last 3 rounds as to how both teams arrived at the Final, in Round 1 the Blackhawks beat the Predators in 6 games, with the Lightning beating the Red Wings in 7 games. Round 2 saw the Blackhawks sweep Wild, with the Lightning defeating the Canadiens in 6 games. In Round 3 both teams defeated their adversaries in 7 games, the Blackhawks beating the Ducks and the Lightening beating the Rangers.

Leading scorer for the Lightening was Tyler Johnson with 12 goals and 9 assists giving him a points total of 21 points. For the Blackhawks, leading scorer was Patrick Kane with 10 goals and 10 assists for a points total of 20 points.

Norris Trophy winner Duncan Keith was Blackhawk's star player with 18 points throughout the playoffs. With 5-on-5 shot attempts, the Hawks have been controlling more than 55% when he's been on the ice.

So who's it to be for the 2015 NHL Finals? The Blackhawks have more experience, more talent and greater motivation to win the title before the salary cap will enforce changes to their roster this summer.

It will be a tightly fought contest that's for sure, but don't be surprised in Game 6 to see the Chicago win at the United Center to walk away with a third Stanley Cup title in the last ten years. Now's the time to visit GoldenCasinos perhaps?