How To Keep Hockey Goals Score?

It can be distressing to miss your favourite hockey game. But thanks to the internet, you can easily and quickly keep yourself updated on hockey goal records online. However, reading hockey goal scoring information can be a bit confusing if you are a newbie.

The First Step

Primarily you will need to find a website that offers hockey goal records. Once there, you will see a line score. The line score shows the scores of both the teams. For instance, Los Angeles 0-1-2=3. This shows that they did not score any in the first, and then scored a single one in the second and finally two in the third. The score line will also show the total number of goals scored i.e. three. Shots are often shown the same way. So in this case, they'd be shown as 9-10-3=22.

The Box Score

Next in hockey goal scoring you'll see the box score. This box will also show the scoring play and the time of the scoring play. The time noted explains how long into the period that the scoring had taken place. The first name in this box, or scoring summary as it is known, represents the goal scorer, for instance, 3:22 Burns means that Burns scored the first one at 3:22 into the game. Sometimes there will be a number in the brackets, for instance Burns (11), which shows the number of goals the player has scored throughout the season.

Hockey goal records also show other information like goalie summary, game sheet and other important facts related to the game. So next time you miss out on a game, don't just wait for the replay or highlights, get the entire details online instantly.