Hockey Equipment

Hockey is a physical team sport, so anyone who will play this game is not completely safe. The hard areas of the ice and boards, with players moving around at high speed can cause multiple damages. Pucks being chased and shot can also be dangerous. However the chances of being injured will be greatly reduced by using hockey equipment in a proper way.

Hockey players are usually equipped with different safety gear for protection. This gear includes heavily padded shorts, neck guard, jocks, elbow pads, shoulder pads, chest protector, mouth guard, protective gloves, face masks and helmet.

Wearing helmets and face masks is very important because most hockey injuries occur in the head and face. Hockey helmets come in various sizes and it can also be adjusted by fastening the chinstraps. Other gears such as shoulder pads and chest protectors provide protection to the collarbone and upper arms; it is also very comfortable to wear as it gives you an ability to move freely. Some useful equipment includes jocks which are often used by women to protect their genitals; it is also called pelvic protector or jockstrap and hockey neck guards which are used to protect any injury that may occur in the neck or throat.

When playing a hockey, your palm, wrist elbow and thumb are often hit by hockey stick that is why it is important to wear gloves and elbow pads for protection.

Some specialized equipment used by hockey players in facilitating the game includes goal stick and goal skates. Goal stick is the most important piece of equipment a goal tender should have, it is often made from wood to ensure its durability. Its curved blade was designed for a purpose of playing the puck. Proper skates is another important piece of equipment as it helps the player move freely inside the ice rink.